People of Gothenburg!

We are pleased to announce that we will be playing Gothenburg twice these coming weeks, first up is supporting TWIN at Sticky Fingers this Friday and next Wednesday we will be supporting Arturius at Valand as a part of Göteborgs Kulturkalas.

New Single: The Pledge

Swedish doom rock band EGONAUT release new music video and unveil album details
“The Pledge” is taken from the upcoming album “The Omega” out November 2017 worldwide on Mighty Music/Target Group.

Fredrik Jordanius, guitars, on “The Pledge”:
I wanted to make a “simple”, straight to the point rock song for this album and this is what came out of it; a straight forward, catchy tune with a good chorus and a great guitar solo. The song also showcases the somewhat wider possibilities given by not having to combine guitarplaying and singing simultaneously. Lyrically it depicts turning yourself over to a greater power, unknowing of its motives and what it might cost you. As with most of the songs I wrote the majority of the riffs and then we put it together down in our studio. The video was once again filmed by Walka Photograpy, but the editing/post production was done at the Zebra Station and at Nackdrag Design.

Watch “The Pledge” on youtube here:

Performed by Egonaut
Filmed by Walka Photography
Edited at the Zebra Station
Additional magic by Nackdrag Design


Video sessions


If you are a frequent follower of us on Instagram or Facebook you might have noticed that there are some video sessions going on. We expect this to be finished fairly soon so that the editing can start. We do not yet know when the next video will be released but we can tell you this, it will be worth waiting for.
We have also decided to start giging again after our album session brake. So keep an eye on our calendar since we expect some dates to be announced.

Memento Mori!


The new single INITIUM out today

EGONAUT, the Swedish Doom ‘ n’  Roll connoisseurs, return to the sonic maelstrom that is streaming music media with the new single “INITIUM”.
Mellotrons and organs set the scene followed by crushing drums, heavy guitars and soaring vocals giving the listeners a taste of what is to come from EGONAUT.  Intended as a preview of the upcoming album, INITIUM continues down the musical path from EGONAUTs previous full length album DELUMINATI – albeit a bit doomier and gloomier.
Egonauts fourth album “THE OMEGA” will be out on Mighty Music in 2017.
Egonaut are:
Emil Kyrk – Vocals
Fredrik Jordanius – Guitars
Mikael Bielinski – Bass
Dennis Zielinski – Keyboards
Markus Johansson – Drums

Link to video:

Another year…

People of Earth!
As 2016 draws its final breath we would like to extend a thank you to our followers and fans.
Although 2016 has been an all time low on both gigs and useful updates from the band we would like you to stay patient. In just a couple of weeks all shall be revealed, new Egonaut music will be cast upon the world and The Eye shall be opened once again.

Happy New Year and thanks for listening.

Fredrik – Egonaut

IV The beginning

People of Earth.

Today we entered Nordic Sound Lab to commence the recording of our fourth album, slated for a 2017 release.

Fear not, because we will not be silent for much longer.

/Fredrik – Egonaut


Borås, Sweden 2016-09-05
People of Earth.
As the summer finally draws to a close and we once again enter the bleak and cold season called autumn we feel it’s time to shed some light about what we have been upto the last six months.
Having finalized the touring cycle for Deluminati (with gigs including Sweden Rock Festival, Metallsvenskan and some headlinegigs in Germany) we felt a strong urge to start working on yet another album.

In March we sat down and drew out some guidelines to what is to be our fourth album and last week we finalized the pre-production of 11 new songs.

We’re set to enter the studio in the end of November to record the new album but as we don’t have a set releasedate as of yet we feel we cannot wait to share some new material with you. Therefore we’re planning to release at least one new song this fall.
Now as the “heavy lifting” is completed as far as the album goes we will also try to squeeze in a gig or two in the last remaining months of 2016.

More updates coming, stay tuned!

/Fredrik – Egonaut

Not dead yet…

It’s been a while since we last wrote an update here so I guess it is time for another one. Those of you who has already discovered us on facebook and Instagram might already know that we have locked ourselves into our rehearsal/studio-cave to write some new music. The process has been going on for a few months now and we are currently recording some pre-productions for our next album. We really want to make yet another killer album so we have therefor decided not to play any gigs for a while to avoid any distractions from writing music. But be patient, there will for sure be opportunities to see us live with in a not too distant future. In the meantime you’ll find our discography on Spotify or in our web shop.
If you want to follow the process of creating Doom’n’Roll, just like us on Facebook or Instagram, and remember “He who has the key, may never find the door…”


2015 Summary

People of Earth!
As 2015 draws its final breath I thought I’d keep the tradition alive of writing a few words about what has been and what the future might hold for us.

2015 was all in all an awesome year for Egonaut, not only did we get to play the Sweden Rock Festival in front of an awesome audience, we also got did our first European tour. However, first and foremost, for me 2015 will be remembered as the year that we unleashed Deluminati upon the world.

Deluminati is so far the very pinnacle of all the work we have done and I am extremely proud and happy about how it turned out and how all the grueling hard work that we put into the writing and arranging phase of the album gave us a real effortless time in the studio recording it.

We aim to dedicate 2016 to keep spreading the word about Deluminati and we would really appreciate if you could help us out in doing so. We will also be doing a few select dates in Germany in January as well as a long overdue show in our hometown in March.

It’s still a bit too early to tell whether 2016 will bring you any new Egonaut music, but I can reveal this much; we still have a couple of tracks left over from the Deluminati sessions and so far this dreary autumn and winter has given birth to countless riffs and song-ideas that might manifest themselves into new Egonaut songs in the near future.

To wrap things up; thanks for listening and thank you for a good 2015.

Happy New Year!

/Fredrik Jordanius – Egonaut